ISSN 1310 8360


Volume 3, 2000-2002





Characteristics of soil actinomycetes from Antarctica

P. Moncheva, S. Tishkov, N. Dimitrova, V. Chipeva,S. Antonova-Nikolova and N. Bogatzevska


Isolation and taxonomic investigation of Actinomyces from specific biotopes in Bulgaria

M. Najdenova and D. Vladimirova


Influence of the long-term preservation on some biological features of three streptomycetes strains, producers of antibiotic substances

L. Yocheva, M. Najdenova, D. Doncheva and S. Antonova-Nikolova


Dimethylterephthalate catabolism by Pseudomonas sp.

L. Tserovska and R. Dimkov


Investigation of the microbial associations in water basins polluted with oil

I. Abrashev, R. Rachev and T. Donev


A biodegradation activity of microbial associations

I. Abrashev, R. Rachev, T. Donev and M. Petrova


Identification of lactic acid bacteria isolated from katyk, goats milk and cheese

L. Tserovska, S. Stefanova and T. Yordanova


Encapsulation of lactic acid bacteria in calcium alginate beads for bacteriocin production

E. Ivanova, V. Chipeva, I. Ivanova, X. Dousset and D. Poncelet


Isolation and taxonomic study of yeast strains from Bulgarian dairy products

I. Savova and M. Nikolova


An optimised method for investigation of the yeast viability by means of fluorescent microscopy

M. Nikolova, I. Savova and M. Marinov


Influence of the growth conditions on the resistance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, strain NBIMCC 181, by freeze-drying

T. Donev and T. Uzunova-Doneva


Influence of the freezing rate on the survival of strains Saccharomyces cerevisiae after cryogenic preservation

T. Uzunova-Doneva and T. Donev


Serological and electrophoretic charcterization of the necrotic strain CMV-NB of cucumber mosaic virus

A. Yordanova, D. Hristova and E. Stoimenova


A possibility for cryoconservation of microbiological specimens in minicryotubes

T. Donev (short communication)